Want to establish a presence? You select a VO genre + region and we’ll coordinate a marketing blast.


Stop depending solely on auditions and P2P’s to get clients, and let the VO BOSSES cultivate client leads for you.

BOSS Blast is a branded and targeted email campaign directed at a customized group of clients in your desired target audience. Your customized group is guaranteed to contain no less than 350 prospective clients who have opted in to our extensive creative buyer database [of over 90K+creative buyer clients] and are waiting to hear from creatives like you!  Got questions? Check out our FAQ!

  • Launch YOUR BOSS Blast

    Pick a Regional Market & Target Industry. We’ll do the rest…

  • Add Regional Markets

    (optional) Add an extra Geographical Region to your Blast – send to more potential clients!

  • Add Industry Targets

    (optional) Add an extra Industry Blast – send to an additional target group of potential clients!

  • Add Campaign Designs

    (optional) Send a unique Blast to each Target Market – specialized copy & layouts for specific VO genres.

  • Includes Follow Up Connection Email

    Automatic customized follow-up email sent two weeks after your blast

Design Expansion Pack


Expand with purpose!

Blast a specialized concept to potential clients – focus on a specific voiceover niche in addition to your original blast.


Having trouble getting around to that email newsletter? Let the BOSSES help. We’ll use your client list to send updates & let people know what you’ve got going on!



Send something your clients will actually want to receive!

Stop worrying about writing lengthy ‘newsletter’ style mailers – try a condensed version of what you’re up to and how to book your services.

A SCHEDULED BOOKOUT BUILDER converts your BOSS BLAST LIST into a usable, marketable plan of action. We’ll connect your target list to a beautifully-designed campaign that will showcase your clients, latest audio/video and your upcoming BOOKING BLACKOUT DATES (optional) – giving clients something to immediately consider while they schedule bookings.  Got questions?  Check out our FAQ!

A SCHEDULED BOOKOUT BUILDER configures your BOSS BLAST list on our servers for scheduled updates.

  • Purchase a Scheduled Bookout Builder

    This one time purchase fee prepares your BOSS BLAST client list on our servers for monthly or quarterly campaigns

  • Choose your Scheduled Blast Frequency (below)

    Choose Monthly + Quarterly options

  • Receive Custom Campaign Design

    We’ll create a personalized, branded blast just for you!

  • Send us Your Updates

    Get reminders to send us your updated info prior to each blast

Choose your SCHEDULED BOOKOUT BLAST frequency

Once you’ve purchased your SCHEDULED BOOKOUT BUILDER, connect your campaign to scheduled options for a whole year’s worth of updated marketing!
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Quarterly Blast