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About the VO BOSS Podcast


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Who is the VO BOSS Listener?

The average VO BOSS listener is a working, professional voice actor or an aspiring voiceover talent. This is an incredibly loyal and captive audience that is dedicating to improving and bettering themselves as entrepreneurs who will be competitive and relevant for today’s market.

VO BOSS is well received by Millennials (ages 18-30) who appreciate the authenticity of hosts Anne Ganguzza and Gabby Nistico, the modern presentation of the media (ease of podcast access), and the brevity and depth of each episode (20 minutes) where we offer a densely packed amount of information in a short period of time.

Instagram stats show our strength with male listeners (58%) ages 25-34 years. A buying group that is both willing and able to invest heavily into the upward mobility of their voiceover career. They make regular purchases of products and services that benefit their ability to find and maintain clients.

The VOBoss listener is concerned with improving his or her business acumen. We know this because they tune-in regularly to explore topics related strictly to growing and enhancing their business. VOBoss is unique in its sole mission of focusing on business owner strategies and success. Since the podcast is not a voiceover or acting performance platform we know that our listeners are a prime target for those offering business solutions and products that will provide them with a competitive advantage.

What People are Saying...

Monica Rachelle

I really appreciate the VO Boss Podcast as it has helped me learn so much about the industry and given me steps to take in my own business for success. You and Gabriel Nistico are strong beacons in a place now where anyone with a social media presence can claim to be an “expert.” Please…

Dave Johnston
Voice Actor

Many kudos, you gals are the best team, I almost call you both the suffragettes of voiceover, you are out there on the front lines, and keeping us informed in this ever changing world of voiceovers.

Stephen Carlock
Voice Talent

I just found this podcast and love what I’ve heard so far. I finished episode 67 a few moments ago – thanks a ton for putting all of this out there. You really are helping me to get myself on track as less of a freelancer and more of a business owner. 

Megan Huffman
Voice Actress

@vo_boss I LOVE the new intro/outro sound! I have been listening to the podcast from the beginning and I just love what you ladies do and the wisdom you and your guests impart in each episode. Thank you, Anne and Gabby!

Randall Ryan
Voice Talent and Coach

@voiceovervixen & @aganguzza have done a marvelous piece with their latest @vo_boss episode. Must listen for anyone out there that asks or continues to ask some version of “How do I break into/make a living doing voice-over?” Fantastically done, ladies! – Randall Ryan

Leesha Saunders
Voice Talent

Love this episode. I believe you get the question on being too old for voiceovers a lot. Many over 50 are looking into creative second careers. Unfortunately, many of those same folks have been moved out of jobs or careers and made to feel if you’re over 50 you’re not much use in business anymore.…

Susan Glow
Manager, Glow Girls Voiceover

In this current Voiceover climate, opportunities and auditions don’t come as easily anymore… You have to actively seek out opportunities and get in front of decision-makers. Easier said than done. Enter in the creative VO Boss team. Within weeks of enacting a strategic VO BOSS Blast (the VO Bosses send the blast out for you!…

Real Voice LA
Voice Over Studio

If you only do one thing for your VO career today, listen to the latest @vo_boss podcast about how to market your demo! Best 20 minutes you’ll spend all week.

Jenn Henry
Voice Actress

@aganguzza and @voiceovervixen are 2 of the amazing beacons this industry has burned bright for me. I’m so grateful.

Michele Amburgey
Voice talent

I am so loving your podcasts!! Where have you been my whole life!! Lol!! Thank you for all of your amazing work. You are inspiring me every day!!! ?

Jodi Krangle
Voice Actress

Some lessons on how to be assertive from two ladies who know how it’s done. #VOBOSS And at the end? #BoothTales Love it, Anne & Gabrielle. 😀 Great outtakes. Made me giggle. Thanks for starting out my day right, you two! <3

Dolly Lewis
Voice Actress

Just discovered this gem and I’m hooked. Thank you @aganguzza and @voiceovervixen for this wealth of #voiceover tools and inspiration!

Diana Holguin
Bilingual Voice Actor

Caught up on a handful of #VOBOSS episodes on my drive home from Boston to VT! Thanks for being on #Spotify now ? @aganguzza@voiceovervixen #voiceover #voiceactor

Nicholas Corkill
Voice Talent

How have I only just discovered this #voboss@aganguzza ?!?!? SO many episodes to get stuck into!! ??? #voiceover #voiceovers@Spotify #podcasts

Keyla McClure

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making the VO BOSS podcast! It is my LIFE right now. I seriously appreciate it so much. Y’all take me home from my day job every day and help me stay focused on my goals. Anne and Gabby you are my Atlanta traffic BFF’s right now!

Meet Your Hosts

anne ganguzza vo boss
Anne Ganguzza


Anne is a full-time voice talent, coach and producer who works with students to develop their voiceover and business skills. She specializes in Conversational Commercial & Narration styles, including Corporate, E-Learning, Medical, Telephony & On Hold.

Anne teaches Business workshops & Voice over classes in Orange County, CA, providing private coaching/mentoring to students in person and via Skype, ipDTL or Zoom. She brings over 20 years of experience in corporate & educational training and has been successfully mentoring and coaching voiceover students for over nine years.

Anne’s VO credits include Delta, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, PayPal, Noodles World Kitchen, Wells Fargo, Michelin, Credit Suisse, Cisco, Toyota, Pansonic, Mitsubishi, Telecore, Synchronix, and Xerox…

gabby nistico vo boss
Gabby Nistico


Sought out by voiceover talent throughout North America; Gabby teaches VO lessons in her Charlotte, NC studio. She offers voiceover tele-classes, seminars and workshops around the country, and is a featured presenter at Voiceover conventions.

In addition to being known as the “Business FIRST Voiceover Coach”, Gabby is also an author, a sought after speaker and has experience in voiceover casting, voiceover consulting, advertising and radio.

Her voiceover roster includes dozens of radio and television stations for “imaging and promo”, as well as commercial projects for Whole Foods, White Castle, Walgreens, Facebook, Microsoft, Invisalign, Nissan, Reebok, CVS, and Nordstrom to name a few..

Why Advertise with us?

  • WE’RE TALKING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS – Podcasts allow sponsors to target their market directly, with a specific message and call to action. Our listeners are the Voiceover buyers you want.  Our podcast boasts over 70K total downloads in 54 countries with an average of 500 downloads per episode, and our hosts’ combined influence reaches over 15K social media followers!


  • IT BEATS PRINT AND RADIO – Podcast listeners are focused. They typically listen to shows with earbuds, headphones, or in the car. This means there are limited distractions, giving your advertisement a much greater chance of being absorbed than with traditional media.


  • QUALITY REPRESENTATION – Our hosts have extensive backgrounds in marketing, public relations, and public speaking. While the show is unscripted and casual, our hosts can articulate your message so your business is not only understood by listeners but valued, as well.


  • YOUR AD WON’T GET LOST – Online radio has less competition, making your dollars more effective. VOBoss airs just three ads per episode; whereas with print, radio, television, and the Web, there can be dozens of ads competing with yours.


  • YOUR AD LIVES FOREVER – Your ad remains a permanent part of our show archives, available to listeners at any time. Research shows that when a listener discovers a podcast they enjoy, they go back and listen to all the episodes of that show. This means your ad gets played long after an episode goes live.


  • WE’RE OFFICIAL – VOBoss is an official podcast on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, TuneIn, Spotify, iheartradio, Amazon Alexa, and Stitcher Radio. These distribution giants make our show available to millions of listeners worldwide. Users can download and subscribe to VOBoss for free from any of these media partners.  We also have an active social media presence reaching our fans regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Sponsorship Packages

Your content will be SEEN and HEARD – we host no more than 3 advertisers per episode.


$60per month
$60per month
  • Episode Show Notes on Website
  • Weekly Show Release Email - text link
  • Twitter Mention - 1 per show day
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X


$100per month
$100per month
  • Episode Show Notes on Website
  • Weekly Show Release Email - Logo Text Link
  • Twitter Mention - 1 per show day
  • X
  • Facebook Mention - 1 per show day
  • Closing Credits
  • X
  • X


$200per month
$200per month
  • Episode Show Notes on Website
  • Weekly Show Release Email - Graphic Ad Small & Link (300x300)
  • Twitter Mention - 2 per show day
  • X
  • Facebook Mention - 1 per show day
  • X
  • Pre-roll :30 seconds
  • X


$400per month
$400per month
  • Episode Show Notes on Website
  • Weekly Show Release Email - Graphic Ad Large & Link (300x600)
  • Twitter Mention - 2 per show day
  • Instagram - 1 per show day
  • Facebook Mention - 1 per show day
  • X
  • X
  • Host Product Mention


Studio Sponsor Package: (only 1 available)

Includes all Elite (Listed Above) +

  • Studio Signage (in all publicity photos that show Anne & Gabby on mic) This can extend beyond VO BOSS
  • Pre-roll: 30 seconds
  • Opening credits
  • Closing credits

Pricing is commensurate with commitment based on the following timelines:

  • $1000/month min 12 months
  • $1200/month min 6 months
  • $1500/month min 3 months

Custom Packages available upon request!

Contact Podcast Sales at or 949-630-3208.

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