Stop depending solely on auditions and P2P’s to get clients, and let the VO BOSSES cultivate client leads for you.

BOSS Blast is a branded and targeted email campaign directed at a customized group of clients in your desired target audience. Your customized group is guaranteed to contain no less than 350 prospective clients who have opted in to our extensive creative buyer database [of over 90K+creative buyer clients] and are waiting to hear from creatives like you!  Got questions? Check out our FAQ!

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Your BOSS BLAST includes:

  • 30-min Strategy Session with Anne to consider how your vocal brand will best align with your target audience
  • Professionally-designed Digital Branding Blast, based around your current branding
  • Customized email campaign, sent to no less than 100 potential clients in your target market, via email marketing software
  • 15-min follow up session to assess your campaign and strategize client follow up

Replies from your BOSS BLAST will be sent directly to your email address – all communication with prospective clients will be managed by you.



Am I ready for a BOSS Blast? 

A BOSS Blast is the perfect next step for your marketing if you are trying to reach potential commercial, narration, corporate, healthcare and pharmaceutical, retail, automotive, promo, Hispanic or multi-cultural clients and you also have:

  • A high-quality website
  • A logo
  • A clear brand
  • Targeted demo(s)

What is the cost breakdown? 

One of our recent clients was able to send 2,440 emails at a cost of less than $.18 per email!  This is less than HALF the cost of a postage stamp! This same campaign on comparable email delivery service would cost you at least $130 to distribute and that does not include the contact list, copywriting or HTML design of the campaign! A typical permission-based business email list of this size would cost roughly $600. Copy and Graphics would cost you at least $100 – for a total of roughly $830 or $.34 per email.  The cost of a traditional print campaign would be 2-3 times higher.

What others are saying …

VO Boss Friends – I started this journey with your blasts back in June (2019)–to date, I’ve received two invoiced projects from two different agency sources.  More important, in my humble opinion, than the jobs (which has helped all but pay for the monthly blasts to this point) I’ve cultivated to NEW relationships that will pay off long term.  Patience is not my virtue, however, putting my trust in folks, who do what they say they will do is.  Thanks again for helping to open these new doors that I never would have come across if not for your E Blasts!” – Dan O

“In this current Voiceover climate, opportunities and auditions don’t come as easily anymore… You have to actively seek out opportunities and get in front of decision-makers. Easier said than done. Our two main obstacles: 1) having the time to cultivate an appropriate target list to meet our goals, and 2) having the time to put together a polished marketing campaign. Enter in the creative VO Boss team. We discussed Glow Girls Kid Voiceover’s marketing goals during a focused consultation, the result of which was a vast cultivated list of Producers, Creative Directors, and Ad Agencies ~ the exact decision-makers we wanted to reach! (Obstacle 1 – done!) Following, the VO Boss creative team incorporated our branding into an attractive email campaign with engaging messaging. (Obstacle 2 – done!) Within weeks of enacting a strategic VO Boss Blast (the VO Bosses send the blast out for you! Seriously, what could be easier?) Glow Girls Kid Voiceover more than DOUBLED our ROI. Bottom line: the VO Boss Blast saved us time and made us money. Thank you Anne & Gabby!” – Susan G.

“I ordered a VO Boss Blast to inform commercial clients of my ease with English and Spanish copy. Anne and Gabby composed thoughtful copy and strategized with me to target a different geographic area than I had first considered, taking into consideration where the most bilingual work is being done. They made the process personal. I was grateful to see the stats a month after the campaign – so much engagement! Now to consider next steps. Thanks, Anne and Gabby!” – Adriana C.


Choose your market!

Target market audience may include industry-specific focus, such as: Automotive, Education, Retail or Animation etc.

Choose your region!

Focus on a booking market, separated into specific voiceover hiring markets.

Northeast: includes ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, PA, NJ, DE, MD, DC

Southeast: includes WV, KY, TN, VA, NC, SC, GA, MS, AL, FL

Midwest: Includes OH, MI, WI, MO, IL, IN, IA, MN, KS, NE, SD, ND

West/Southwest: includes OK, TX, LA, AR, NM, AZ, UT, CO, NV, WY, ID, MT, WA, OR

California: includes all markets in Los Angeles and the State of CA

New York: includes all markets in New York City and the State of NY


* Please note that contact list size will vary based on selected location and market. In the event your customized market list results in less than 350 contacts, geographic locations will be added to your selection.



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