Send something your clients will actually want to receive!

Stop worrying about writing lengthy ‘newsletter’ style mailers – try a condensed version of what you’re up to and how to book your services.

A SCHEDULED BOOKOUT BUILDER converts your BOSS BLAST LIST into a usable, marketable plan of action. We’ll connect your target list to a beautifully-designed campaign that will showcase your clients, latest audio/video and your upcoming BOOKING BLACKOUT DATES (optional) – giving clients something to immediately consider while they schedule bookings.  Got questions?  Check out our FAQ!


Send the VO BOSSES your client list and finally conquer that “I’m getting around to a newsletter” problem!

We’ll connect your curated BOSS BLAST list and set up a personalized campaign centered around your availability and current projects.  Then, SCHEDULE BLASTS monthly or quarterly and update your clients on progress and booking options. Move beyond getting noticed to forming strong, lasting client relationships. Replies from your BOOKOUT BUILDER will be sent directly to your email address – all communication with prospective clients will be managed by you.

Your BOOKOUT BUILDER includes:

  • Setup and configuration of your custom generated BOSS BLAST list on our mail servers for scheduled blasts
  • Original email design based around your branding
  • Integration of your upcoming monthly or quarterly schedule, including projects & recording ‘blackout’ dates
  • Video or Audio of your recent work
  • Signature with your featured demo, site links, and social media connections
  • One (1) scheduled blast to your list every month or every quarter – you choose!  SCHEDULE YOUR BLASTS HERE






Do I need to have Featured Clients, Featured Projects and an Availability Schedule to create a BOOKOUT BUILD?

Nope. Simply check the sections you’d like to include, and we’ll build your concept around what you do have!

Which dates should I include in my BOOKOUT DATES section?  Don’t worry about having your schedule completely figured out in advanced (who does?!). Simply include dates which you know you’ll be unavailable for bookings. Some helpful tips for dates to consider: Days where you already have projects scheduled / Dates you’ll be handling your business needs (ie invoicing, admin days etc.) / Personal days off / Medical or other appointments. Altogether, you should be able to come up with at least three days during the month where you’ll be able to show yourself as “busy” – a great way to display your demand as a talent!  And remember, providing this info is completely optional for each blast you send out.

Have additional questions? No problem. We’re always here to help. Check our F.A.Q. area or connect with us HERE.

* The email addresses on your BOSS BLAST list include those that remain subscribed after the campaigns we send on your behalf during a BOSS BLAST and any subsequent follow-up campaigns.


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