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BOSS University: Emotional Intelligence


It’s not personal – It’s just business!  For as many times as we have heard it said, we find ourselves wrapped up in the emotions of our workday. How emotionally intelligent are you? Whether it be client interactions, social media banter, or a bad studio session; your thoughts lead to actions which form behavioral habits.  That is the very core of emotional intelligence. Master it, and you have mastered the art of being a successful business owner and BOSS. Along with our weekly podcasts, our VO B.O.S.S. Webisode videos are your go to in-depth learning guide for a better, more successful business! FORMAT: Video LENGTH: 56:55


BOSS University: Negotiate Like a Boss


Negotiate Your Way to Success!

The voiceover industry is estimated to be worth $26 billion dollars – Are you getting your fair share? If you are a professional talent, you deserve professional rates!   Anne Ganguzza and Gabby Nistico  – Voice actresses and co-hosts of the popular VO BOSS podcast,  brings their years of experience to show you how to BREAK THROUGH to the next level of success and negotiate your way to better rates.  You’ll learn the essential skills needed to dramatically improve outcomes and create win-win solutions with REAL LIFE rate role-playing!  Don’t miss out on this veritable “gold mine” of information.  Remember –  being in control of your business success and creative happiness is an achievable goal.  You are WORTH it!  FORMAT: Video LENGTH: 2:21

BRAND-AID: Branding when you’re brand new


Are you suffering from Brand Dysfunction? Don’t know where to start? Too new? Too unclear? Too many To Dos? VOBoss Babes Anne and Gabby have your Brand-Aid! In this extensive 2.5 hour recorded webinar, we help alleviate your chronic branding pain and the common side-effects of ineffective voiceover branding. Use of this webinar may result in: higher paying gigs, better website exposure, busy nights in the studio and excess envy from fellow actors.

Warning: long-term exposure to VOBoss Brand-Aid may result in outstanding branding. Consult your graphic & web designer for prolonged effects. Expose your best brand with VOBoss Brand-Aid today!