How do I know I am ready for a BOSS Blast? 

A BOSS Blast is the perfect next step for your marketing if you are trying to reach potential commercial, narration, corporate, healthcare and pharmaceutical, retail, automotive, promo, Hispanic or multi-cultural clients and you also have:

  • A high-quality website
  • A logo
  • A clear brand
  • Targeted demo(s)

Who will you send my campaign to? 

We use a service that allows us to access a list of agencies and creative buyers who have already opted in to receive communications. In this way, we have access to 45,000+ agency contacts, 19,000+ corporate contacts and 11,000+ design firms plus so much more… These are Creative Directors, Assistants, Corporate buyers, Producers, and Directors – all ready to receive marketing from YOU.

We’re able to narrow down our marketing reach to focus on just those clients who would be likely to hire you. For this, we create a contact list just for you, based upon the type of VO you’re interested in doing and the companies most likely to hire you for that work. We’re also able to narrow this list to regional areas as well, focusing on the differences in specific VO markets.

What is the cost breakdown? 

One of our recent clients was able to send 2,440 emails at a cost of less than $.18 per email!  This is less than HALF the cost of a postage stamp! This same campaign on comparable email delivery service would cost you at least $130 to distribute and that does not include the contact list, copywriting or HTML design of the campaign! A typical permission based business email list of this size would cost roughly $600. Copy and Graphics would cost you at least $100 – for a total of roughly $830 or $.34 per email.  The cost of a traditional print campaign would be 2-3 times higher.

Will I get to keep the BOSS BLAST contact list after my campaign is over? 

Sorry, but we are unable to release contact information to any third party, including you. What we can do is make sure all connections come directly to your email inbox so that any client connections belong exclusively to you.

How will I know people have received my campaign?

After your campaign has run, you’ll have a follow-up meeting every quarter to discuss click & open rates and connections etc. PLUS how to maximize your strategy moving forward. We’ll go over how many people opened your email, clicked on it etc. and what all of these numbers mean.

How often do I follow up with clients who contact me?

We recommend people follow up with the clients who contact you no more than twice per month.

Can I use my own list or add my contacts to the list VO BOSS makes for me?

No.  In order to legally protect our valued customers and their list data on our servers, we are unable to add any lists or contacts that have not been confirmed and vetted by our company.

What are the benefits of sending a campaign through your marketing service as opposed to me sending personalized emails to people on my list?

We design, edit, target and manage your campaign for you, allowing you to focus on voiceover. Your list will be permission-based, allowing clients to unsubscribe and subscribe, making for happy clients and thereby reducing the risk of you sending out spam.  You’ll receive expert design skills, marketing know-how and US – the industry pro’s – putting our years of knowledge to work for you!

I’ve heard that email campaigns that are not text-based are considered spam by some people.  Should I be worried? 

Anyone can adjust the settings in an email program to reject or block HTML emails. We are careful to limit our emails to a single video and audio link, and include limited possible flags when we write/send campaigns. We also send a plain-text based version of your campaign as an alternative for viewing.

How do I know I’m ready for a BOSS Blast? 

If you’re are questioning whether or not you are ready for this type of campaign, you’re probably not.  This is a solution for talent who have been waiting a long time for a service like this, in order to expand their reach and promote directly to clients.  If you need more help to prepare for this, consider booking a BOSS Brilliance consult with Anne!


Who is on my BOOKOUT BUILDER list?

These are contacts from your cusom BOSS Blast list.  BOSS Blasts lists are custom generated for each client.  NO TWO lists are the same!

Do I need to have Featured Clients, Featured Projects and an Availability Schedule to create a BOOKOUT BUILD?

Nope. Simply check the sections you’d like to include in the form we send you, and we’ll build your concept around what you do have!

What do you mean by “Bookout” dates?

Bookout dates are a long-held tradition in the audio and talent casting world. Anytime a performer (that means you) is unavailable to record, is out of town, or otherwise has a calendar date that is booked solid, sending clients a book-out notice to inform them of this blocked out time is important. This way, clients will recognize you are unavailable on a certain date.

Which dates should I include in my BOOKOUT DATES section? 

Don’t worry about having your schedule completely figured out in advanced (who does?!). Simply include dates which you know you’ll be unavailable for bookings. Some helpful tips for dates to consider: Days where you already have projects scheduled / Dates you’ll be handling your business needs (ie invoicing, admin days etc.) / Personal days off / Medical or other appointments. All together, you should be able to come up with at least three days during the month where you’ll be able to show yourself as “busy” – a great way to display your demand as a talent!

Who has access to my list?

The VO BOSS team includes Anne and professional designers + writers. Your information will never be sold or stored publicly.

Will I be able to see my list and/or add and remove from my BOOKOUT BUILDER list?

A customized BOSS BLAST list is seen and maintained by our admins on our servers.  You may direct our admins to remove or edit entries on the list ony with the verified written permission from the contact.

Should I add my recent work to my campaign?

Of course! You can if it is pertinent to the group of people receiving the Blast. Make sure that it contributes to the concept of them hiring you!

Can I add videos to my campaign?

Yes – each campaign can incorporate video & audio, though we try to limit these links to a specific CTA for more effective marketing on your behalf.

How do I know if this service is right for me?

This service is right for ALL working voice actors.  It is a cost-effective way to stay top of mind and communicate relevant information (not spam!) to your clients.

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