Love this episode. I believe you get the question on being too old for voiceovers a lot. Many over 50 are looking into creative second careers. Unfortunately, many of those same folks have been moved out of jobs or careers and made to feel if you’re over 50 you’re not much use in business anymore. Your episode encourages those of age, who are full of creativity and knowledge, to bring those skills and expertise to the voiceover world. Age is just a number because creativity is ageless; it’s all in the attitude! Thanks again.

VO BOSS - Leesha Saunders
Leesha SaundersVoice Talent

“In this current Voiceover climate, opportunities and auditions don’t come as easily anymore… You have to actively seek out opportunities and get in front of decision-makers. Easier said than done. Enter in the creative VO Boss team. Within weeks of enacting a strategic VO BOSS Blast (the VO Bosses send the blast out for you! Seriously, what could be easier?) Glow Girls Kid Voiceover more than DOUBLED our ROI. Bottom line: the VO Boss Blast saved us time and made us money. Thank you Anne & Gabby!’ 

VO BOSS - Glow Girls
Susan Glow, Glow Girls Kid Voiceover

If you only do one thing for your VO career today, listen to the latest @vo_boss podcast about how to market your demo! Best 20 minutes you’ll spend all week.

VO OSS - RealVoiceLA
Real Voice LA, Voice Over Studio

@aganguzza and @voiceovervixen are 2 of the amazing beacons this industry has burned bright for me. I’m so grateful.

jenn henry vo boss
Jenn HenryVoice Actress

I am so loving your podcasts!! Where have you been my whole life!! Lol!! Thank you for all of your amazing work. You are inspiring me every day!!! ?

VO BOSS - Michele Amburgey
Michele AmburgeyVoice talent

Some lessons on how to be assertive from two ladies who know how it’s done. #VOBOSS And at the end? #BoothTales Love it, Anne & Gabrielle Great outtakes. Made me giggle. Thanks for starting out my day right, you two! 

VO BOSS - Jodi Krangle
Jodi KrangleVoice Actress

Just discovered this gem and I’m hooked. Thank you @aganguzza and @voiceovervixen for this wealth of #voiceover tools and inspiration!

VO BOSS - Dolly Lewis
Dolly LewisVoice Actress

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making the VO B.O.S.S podcast! I found out about it at VO ATL and it is my LIFE right now. I seriously appreciate it so much. Y\’all take me home from my day job every day and help me stay focused on my goals. I hope you have a wonderful week! With gratitude, Keyla

VO BOSS - Keyla McClure
Keyla McClure