BOSS Brilliance


60-minute Individualized Consult with BOTH Anne & Gabby


Anne and Gabby activate their WONDER-TWIN powers for YOU!

With over 30 years’ combined experience, these bosses have helped hundreds of voice talent achieve their goals and reach BOSS status. Now, they’ve joined forces to provide the ultimate BOSS consult, customized just for you. Are you struggling with sales, branding, marketing or infrastructure in your VO business, Anne and Gabby will help you get on track and focused for success. TWO BOSSES for the price of ONE.

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Be BOSS Brilliant – book today!


OR – You may be interested in…One on One BOSS Brilliance!

VOBoss is the podcast and brand builder that has brought together two of the most thriving and successful voiceover actresses and coaches in our industry; Anne Ganguzza and Gabby Nistico. Anne and Gabby are an unstoppable force of wit, wisdom and warrior-entrepreneurship. Are you a fan girl/boy who loves the Bosses? Wanna work with just one of them? You can! It’s easy.


Ask Yourself: Whose Career Do you Want?

When you think of the Bosses, whose work do you envy?  Anne and Gabby are both highly sought after voice actors but they do very different things behind the mic!

Are you a voice well suited for Corporate Narration, E-Learning, IVR, telephony, and medical narration? Are you obsessed with technology, education and human advancements?  Do you love big words, long scripts and being an invaluable service provider to clients you cultivate and maintain yourself?  Are you excited by the prospect of negotiating your own deals, mining for clients and creating long-lasting corporate relationships?

Congratulations, you’re an Anne!  If you want to rock your business just like her, you can:

–          Book a 15-minute Consult with Anne

–          Book a single coaching class with Anne

–          Book a series of three classes with Anne

–          Book a corporate narration or e-learning demo with Anne

–          Book a brand/business mentoring/coaching session with Anne

Are you a voice well suited for Commercial, TV Promo, In-Show Narration or Radio Imaging? Are you obsessed with motivating & persuading an audience, character development and the psychology of voiceover?  Do you want to be a go-to performer for talent agents and casting directors? Does the idea of ‘golden hand-cuffs’ make you giddy?  Are your favorite words ‘it’s gone to broadcast?’

Congratulations, you’re a Gabby!  If you want to rock your business just like her, you can:

–          Book a 15-minute Consult with Gabby

–          Book a single coaching class with Gabby

–          Book a series of three classes with Gabby

–          Book a commercial, Promo, or Radio Imaging demo with Gabby

–          Book a brand/business coaching session with Gabby

With voiceover coaching and guidance from the Bosses, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!


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