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Anne Ganguzza

Voice Talent // Speaker // Coach

e: Anne@VOBoss.com
t: 949 630 3208

anne ganguza voiceover talent

Anne is a full-time voice talent, coach and producer who works with students to develop their voiceover and business skills. She specializes in Conversational Commercial & Narration styles, including Corporate, E-Learning, Medical, Telephony & On Hold.

Anne teaches Business workshops & Voice over classes in Orange County, CA,  providing private coaching/mentoring to students in person and via Skype, ipDTL or Zoom. She brings over 20 years of experience in corporate & educational training and has been successfully mentoring and coaching voiceover students for over nine years.

Anne’s VO credits include Delta, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, PayPal, Noodles World Kitchen, Wells Fargo, Michelin, Credit Suisse, Cisco, Toyota, Pansonic, Mitsubishi, Telecore, Synchronix, and Xerox…

gabby nistico vo boss

Gabby Nistico

Voiceover Coach + Career Kickstarter

e: Gabby@VOBoss.com
t: 704-674-8294

Sought out by voiceover talent throughout North America; Gabby teaches VO lessons in her Charlotte, NC studio. She offers voiceover tele-classes, seminars and workshops around the country, and is a featured presenter at Voiceover conventions.

In addition to being known as the “Business FIRST Voiceover Coach”, Gabby is also an author, a sought after speaker and has experience in voiceover casting, voiceover consulting, advertising and radio.

Her voiceover roster includes dozens of radio and television stations for “imaging and promo”, as well as commercial projects for Whole Foods, White Castle, Walgreens, Facebook, Microsoft, Invisalign, Nissan, Reebok, CVS, and Nordstrom to name a few..


  • “Thanks for this episode! It’s right on time for me, and some good reminders.”

    Nophi Mitchell
    Voiceover Talent
  • “Excellent Episode #1. Continued success in the future with the podcast.”

    Patrick Sweeney
    Voiceover Talent
  • Just discovered this gem and I’m hooked. Thank you @aganguzza and @voiceovervixen for this wealth of #voiceover tools and inspiration!

    VO BOSS - Dolly Lewis
    Dolly Lewis
    Voice Actress
  • This is a really great podcast. I’ve been bingeing on it!

    VO BOSS - Suzanne Barbetta
    Suzanne Barbetta
    Voice Talent
  • Love the great info @aganguzza & @voiceovervixen give on the #VOBoss podcast! Their analogies are 👌🏻👌🏻(you’ll know what I mean by their latest on rates). Check em out! #voiceover #atlantavoiceoverstudio #atlvostudio #atlanta

    VO BOSS - Atlanta Voiceover studio
    Atlanta Voiceover Studio
  • I listened last night on YouTube. Short and packed w info. Anyone new to #voiceover should check it out. Excellent job, ladies!

    Daree Allen Nieves - VO BOSS
    Daree Allen Nieves
    Authorpreneur extraordinaire Writer | Podcast Host | Voiceover Artist | Certified Life Coach
  • @vo_boss Loving the podcasts. Learning a lot as a newbie just getting started with research and creating a demo. Thanks for all your work!

    VO BOSS - Steve McConnell
    Steve McConnell
    Voice Actor
  • Binge listening to @aganguzza & @voiceovervixen. Love they’re discussing specific #VO business concerns.

    VO BOSS - Ryan Rubi
    Ryan Rubi
    VO Artist, Actor, Writer, Indie Film Producer, Comic
  • Anne Ganguzza and Gabrielle Nistico, step forward. Thanks for inviting me to be a guest on the VO Boss podcast. I’ve gotten several contacts who were listening and watching online in just a few short days…which is crazy! Thanks yall!

    Tremayne Kendrick Mosley - VO BOSS
    Tremayne Kendrick Mosley
  • “Those of you who know me, know I struggle with ADHD, so this most recent episode of VO Boss was super useful for me! Check it out now for awesome advice on Time Management!”

    Dianna Conley
    Voiceover Talent
  • LOVING The VO Boss podcast with Anne Ganguzza and Gabrielle Nistico. The episode of Time Management was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Now I’m listening to Elaine Clark…who I LOVE! I use her booth techniques when it comes to script notes and using your gestures. Yay!!!

    VO BOSS - monique-sacay-bagwell
    Monique Sacay-Bagwell
    Voice Actress
  • I look forward to listening to your podcast every Wednesday morning on my way to work! You guys are so fun to listen to and I learn so much! Thank you!!

    VO BOSS - Robert Tapper
    Robert Tapper
    Voice Talent
  • “So glad Anne Ganguzza Voice Talent and Gabby started the VO BOSS podcast. I follow Gabby already and have taking some VO Peeps classes and both of you have been invaluable!!! Now my VO obsession can be filled every week!!!!”

    Saundi Harrison-Cooksey
    Voice Talent
  • Great episode!! I listened to this podcast on my commute to my day job this morning. Thanks to you & Gabby for sharing your insights. As a soon to be talent, I’m learning a great deal! Thank you!!

    VO BOSS - Derrick Dorsey
    Derrick Dorsey
  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making the VO B.O.S.S podcast! I found out about it at VO ATL and it is my LIFE right now. I seriously appreciate it so much. Y\’all take me home from my day job every day and help me stay focused on my goals. I hope you have a wonderful week! With gratitude, Keyla

    VO BOSS - Keyla McClure
    Keyla McClure
  • Gabby & @aganguzza Thank You for the #millennialappreciation & support!!! We ❤ @vo_boss Excited to work with you both this year!! #VO2018 🎉🎤✨

    VO BOSS - Justin Castillo
    Justin Castillo
    Voice Talent
  • I just discovered your #VO B.O.S.S podcast and I’m obsessed! Thank you so much for doing this!

    VO BOSS - Melissa Moran
    Melissa Moran
    Voice Talent
  • Loved this podcast! Learned so much in under :30!

    VO BOSS - Linda Broom
    Linda Broom
    Voice Actress
  • “Just listened to your latest episode on how to handle those down times as an entrepreneur. My husband overheard it and said “Now THAT is Great podcast! What a helpful topic!” I couldn’t have agreed more! You and Gabby are straight talkers and full of nurturing motivations and great tips to keep us on top of our game.”

    VO BOSS - monique-sacay-bagwell
    Monique Sacay-Bagwell
    Voiceover Talent
  • This was an especially awesome episode! The wisdom just keeps coming…thank you for these!

    VO BOSS - Marisha Tapera
    Marisha Tapera
    Voice Talent
  • Hi Anne! I just wanted to let you know that I started to listen to your new podcast and am really enjoying it. Thank you so much for doing it and being such a great industry resource.

    VO BOSS - Julie Shapira Slack
    Julie Shapira Slack
    Actress, Voice Talent
  • Fab episode and some great tips on finding your niche (as an Aussie, I’m a ‘neesh’ kinda gal 😉)

    Mel Hulm - VO BOSS
    Australian voice actor
  • Thank you Anne Ganguzza & Gabrielle Nistico for having Monique Sacay-Bagwell speak on emotional intelligence.👍🏼👍🏼 It couldn’t have come at a better time, as I prepare for my first, live stage play, where I am having to bring in several emotions. Looking forward to picking Monique’s brain on this soon!❤️
    BIG HUGS to you VO B.O.S.S.es!

    VO BOSS - Marissa Ampon
    Marissa Ampon
    Actress and Voice Talent
  • Loved this episode! Ann and Gabby are my Atlanta traffic BFF’s right now!

    VO BOSS - Keyla McClure
    Keyla McClure
    Voice Talent
  • Thank you Anne and Gabby! May I give you both some XXXs and OOOs? Just loving this series. Streaming fountains of information with seriously big heart. You are much appreciated.

    VO BOSS - Hélène Janover
    Hélène Janover
    Voice Talent
  • Website redesign complete! Working like a boss… a #VOBOSS! Binge-listening to @aganguzza and @voiceovervixen and getting things done!

    VO Boss - Rich Miller
    Rich Miller
    Voice Talent



The VO B.O.S.S. podcast blends solid, actionable business advice with a dose of inspiration for today’s voiceover talent. We believe a BOSS should dream big and build smart. And have a TON OF FUN along the way. Each week, hosts Anne Ganguzza and Gabby Nistico focus in on a specific topic to help you grow your voiceover business.

We’ll also features guest interviews with members of the professional voiceover community to get their insights into what makes up a VO B.O.S.S. From creating the right business mindset and plan, to choosing the best marketing tactics and tools, VO B.O.S.S. will be your guide to Business Owner Strategies and Success!


Special Guest: Trish Basanyi

VO BOSS’s first crossover episode! Anne and Gabby sit down this week with the take charge chick, Trish “The Dish” Basanyi! Trish has been playing the VO game since 1999 and shares some awesome insights into how her branding, voice, and marketing have changed over the years. Trish is also a co-host of one the…


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